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hey, for the demo it's saying: "failed to create temp dir."
how do you fix this? I wanna play.


Greetings! In General, I'm like a developer... I'd like to port your game to Android. Could you provide me with the game files? I can then just give it to you, and you already sell, etc...


you really think they are that stupid to just give you the game for free. lol

I'll check out your game to see if I like it and please make more games like this ?

i'm curious, will the developer release his other games on

I'm definitely up for more sexy games; it seems strange to have sex as a punishment, though. like if there was a Mario game where every time you found a secret, you took a hit, it'd be like "you put secrets here for me to find, right? why are you punishing me for doing it? finding secrets is great."


I love the gameplay, I just wish there was more checkpoints becouse I'm bad at video games, I spent 3 hours before getting to the next stage.


I really hope you are the american side of zell999's work because this is pretty blatent

Was this directed at My Question ?

Game looks Great.  Question if I purchase here will I get a steam key with purchase when it launches ?

Hmm brings back memories? :)

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yeah about monster girl quest


Because they do not create a version for android

Can and sell more


Greetings! In General, I'm like a developer... I just wrote to kyrieru about it. I hope he won't refuse...

can you make a mac version?

Any chance on a game similar game like this only you play as a female and the monsters are males? ;D

Yes, Search for 'Hentai platformer games' in google.

Shinobi Girl is pretty similar but not a platformer.

I dont know if I will play it, having kids, but, I must say, there's some fine gameplay there. The jump remembers me of Wario Land. Very good.


Well thanks lol. Whenever I think back to playing Warioland as a kid I just remember loving the dash move.

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Well, Kyrieru  are you a  jap. game programmer not judging where you are from just curious of your name and awesome job on your game please make more?