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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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There is a hentai game I want to recommend you, it released a few days ago. The art-style and the sex scenes are GREAT!

Play here, CLICk


Hey, do you want to find a girl to play games with? Then make sure to check out this chat, it's FREE!

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I'll check out your game to see if I like it and please make more games like this ?

i'm curious, will the developer release his other games on itch.io?

I'm definitely up for more sexy games; it seems strange to have sex as a punishment, though. like if there was a Mario game where every time you found a secret, you took a hit, it'd be like "you put secrets here for me to find, right? why are you punishing me for doing it? finding secrets is great."


I love the gameplay, I just wish there was more checkpoints becouse I'm bad at video games, I spent 3 hours before getting to the next stage.

I really hope you are the american side of zell999's work because this is pretty blatent

Was this directed at My Question ?

Game looks Great.  Question if I purchase here will I get a steam key with purchase when it launches ?

Hmm brings back memories? :)

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yeah about monster girl quest

Because they do not create a version for android

Can and sell more

can you make a mac version?

Any chance on a game similar game like this only you play as a female and the monsters are males? ;D

Yes, Search for 'Hentai platformer games' in google.

Shinobi Girl is pretty similar but not a platformer.

I dont know if I will play it, having kids, but, I must say, there's some fine gameplay there. The jump remembers me of Wario Land. Very good.


Well thanks lol. Whenever I think back to playing Warioland as a kid I just remember loving the dash move.

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Well, Kyrieru  are you a  jap. game programmer not judging where you are from just curious of your name and awesome job on your game please make more?